Louis Tamis was born from the vision of a Russian immigrant, fabricating the finest cigarette cases, accessories and novelty pieces. Now over a century later, the third and fourth generation Tamis's are still upholding their grandfather and great grandfather's vision and offering the highest of standards in both quality and customer service. Today, Louis Tamis and Sons is considered the industry's premiere manufacturer of ladies and men's gold and platinum jewelry.

Based on our years of collaborating with designer and retailers we have become well know for our detail and dedication to custom orders. We work side by side with our clients to assist in developing the specifications required to create a model and finished piece. We provide CAD design, model making, as well as a full service production facility, a convenience for anyone considering a jeweler.

Through acquisitions, Tamis is able to deepen their product lines with classic products from David Friedman and Robert Fisher continuing to offer quality product under one roof. Changes in the industry and Tamis's tenacity, enables us to offer product previously offered and supplied by Lindsay and Lauter as well as other industry pioneers that are no longer operating.

Besides being known for quality and service, Tamis enjoys a long standing relationship with celebrities including Presidents, movie stars and sports legends. Besides creating pieces for luminaries including President John F. Kennedy, Mickey Mantle, Sammy Davis Jr. and many others, Tamis's accessories were featured in the movie De Lovely, about Tamis' customer Cole Porter, starring Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd.

At Louis Tamis, we are constantly being challenged by designers and retail stores to produce and innovate new designs to keep pace with the ever changing desires of the consumers of today.

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